Drone Pairing

Here are detailed instructions for any facilitator in the pairing process. These instructions will help you understand exactly what is need to pair these drones. These drones rely on each step being followed in this order and that all specifications are met. 

In order for your drone to pair correctly please follow these steps. These steps are to be completed once the drone is finished and put together.

  1. Make sure that your drone is placed on a flat surface.

  2. Make sure that only one drone is being paired at a time. 

  3. Plug drone battery into drone battery receiving port. 

  4. Turn on the controller.

  5. Use left joystick. Push up and then down on that left joystick. 

    1. perform this step until you have solid LED lights on the drone. This indicates a successful pairing. 

  6. When ready to have a drone take flight you will push the left joystick into the controller and feel a "click" this will enable the drone to take off and the pilot will then take control of the drone. It will jump into the air at a hovering altitude. At this point eh pilot may adjust flight.

  7. Fly your drone!

The "small flat tool in packaging"

The small flat took included in the package is a tool that we included for the camps. This is a propeller removal tool. This should be used when needing to remove a propeller from its motor. For any reason. We assumed that some students might jump ahead of the facilitator and try to apply the propellers beforehand. This makes removing the propellers easier on the students and facilitator. 

Controller Preparation

The drone controller included in the box will need batteries that we have included to be placed into the controller. The controller joystick tips will also need to be placed onto the tips of the controller's joysticks. 


If your drone is experiencing any of the following situations please see the solution indicated below. 

-Drone is in "reverse thrust" 

This is not what is actually happening with your drone. The drone is performing as asked. All that has happened is that your drones propellers have been put on in the opposite arrangement. Please check your instructions again to make sure that they have been installed correctly.

-If the drone is "rolling to the left" 

This is not what is actually happening with your drone. The drone is performing as asked. You must start your pairing process on a flat surface so that your flight controller can get a clear example of what level to the ground is.

-If your drone turns off its motors after you "throttle off the drone"

This is normal and expected. What you are doing is telling the drone that "I do not want you to fly at this moment". The drone will turn its motors off and wait for its next set of instructions.